Cheddar Miso Turkey Burger and Fries

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Miso Turkey Burger and Fries

Miso Turkey Burger and Fries

I normally don’t like Turkey Burgers as they can so often be dry and don’t have a beefy richness. That said, this was from a recipe that changed my mind about turkey. The ground turkey is combined with miso paste which IMHO made it work. It seemed to give a heartier flavor plus it was moist and delicious. Grilled red onion and tomato and a little BBQ sauce put this one over the top! The potatoes are just russets cut lengthwise that were brushed with olive oil and sea salt and baked for a bit. So tasty and not as bad for you as deep fried fries in other oils.

This one was actually a recipe and meal from HomeChef, a meal kit delivery service I tried for a bit. While I really liked many of their meals, the produce didn’t last as promised and meats often came punctured with a mess to clean up. I let the company know several times of the issues, but they continued so I discontinued using them.

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