Chorizo and Potatoes with Eggs and Tortillas

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Chorizo and Potatoes

Chorizo and Potatoes

Talk about decadent and delicious!!! Chorizo and Potatoes with Cheese, on top of Corn Tortillas. Finished off with Eggs Sunnyside Up and Cilantro. Que Sabroso!

Believe it or not this is just a one pan dish

  • I started with 2 russet potatoes and diced them in 1/4 inch pieces, added a tbsp of oil to a medium skillet and started sautéing the potatoes over medium heat.
  • While the potatoes are cooking dice 1 small onion and add it to the potatoes and add 1/2 tsp. salt.
  • When potatoes are about 1/2 done, add 8oz. or so chorizo to potatoes and cook until potatoes are done and chorizo starts to crisp up a tiny bit.
  • Remove from pan and give pan a quick wipe with paper towel. It’s fine if there’s a little oil, just remove any remaining chorizo/potato etc.
  • Make a couple of your favorite eggs and serve with cilantro and hot sauce. I made sunny side up, but over easy, over medium or poached would also be yummy.

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