Alebrije’s Grill – Santa Ana

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Alebrije’s Grill is an AMAZING taco truck in Santa Ana. It’s among my favorite places for Mexican food because they have so many delicious items that you won’t find at your typical Mexican restaurant. The video above shows one of my favorites, the Tacos Acorizados. This is just one order and it comes with homemade tortillas topped with lots of steak milanesa (thin breaded steak), fresh grilled nopales (cactus, try it gringo it’s delicious), Mexican rice, avocado, grilled onions, tomatoes and more.

Alebrije’s Grill is located at: Cubbon St. and S Main St. in Santa Ana, CA 92707 • (714) 655-3253
They are just outside of a grocery store on Cubbon St. and have a permanent spot there.


Don’t go for the ambiance, go for the delicious food! They have folding chairs you can sit at with plenty of choices of Mexican sodas and drinks. Service is friendly and you can eat by the truck or take things to go. In my experience things to go from here travel well.

The video below shows my Taco Acorizado (Battleship Taco). Unfortunately it met it’s demise in my belly but oh how glorious it was. Check it out and see what you think. If you go, please check back and leave comments about your experience.




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