img_20160911_220108.jpgHi! Please allow myself to introduce myself 🙂

I’m Bryan, a single father to a beautiful young lady who keeps me on my toes. Knowing there are other people who need to cook for just one or two people, I decided to do this site to show it can be fun and easy. I hope to inspire people with the contents of this site and who knows, just maybe I’ll connect with other singles for fun and foodie adventures.

What’s my training? I’ve been eating my entire life up to three meals a day. I was raised by a strong single mom who worked very hard to support me. She often wasn’t home for dinner time, so after eating cupboard delight (whatever is in the pantry) too many times, I started to teach myself to cook. When I would go to a friends for dinner, I would often watch how things were prepared. I got pretty good at winging it and then as an adult I took a 12 session course at Home Chef that showed me some professional techniques and taught me the importance of tasting ingredients by themselves. One such lesson was the difference between sea salt and table salt. If you’ve never done it, taste some sea salt and wait a moment. Now taste the table salt. You’ll likely notice a chemical like taste you never noticed before in table salt. Now I only use sea salt or specialty salts like Pink Himalayan or Alea.

Why don’t I open a restaurant? Well, I love to cook but don’t want to be in a hot kitchen 24/7. One day I hope to own a restaurant where I set the menu and atmosphere but have others running the day to day.